“An integrated V&I, Int’l Relocation, Expense Mgmt,Tax & Compensation and Expat Tax offering that is TCO/Value Oriented.”

Weichert is the industry’s only provider to directly offer services in these 4 critical areas, allowing you to optimize the sourcing and management of mobility services through one company.

Weichert Mobility Tax Services Value Proposition

Our industry’s first-ever wholly-owned, independent tax services firm

Leveraging the experience and resources of one of the world’s leading workforce mobility companies and the world’s fifth largest tax and accounting network, we offer a significant value proposition and a number of key benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): WMTS delivers Big 4-caliber services without the billable hours or out-of-scope fees that make engaging Big 4 firms so expensive.
  • Superior Risk Management & Compliance: WMTS is staffed by highly-specialized US tax professionals with Big 4 experience, singularly focused on relocation and expatriate tax. Additionally, Weichert’s role as pay master and data host enables seamless, accurate and timely statutory reporting and multi-jurisdictional compliance.
  • Greater Client & Customer Satisfaction: As our company was built on the foundation of Weichert Workforce Mobility’s Balanced Scorecard culture, you and your employees can be assured of an attentive, responsive and trusted strategic partner, relentlessly focused on performance metrics and service satisfaction.
  • Holistic End-to-End Accountability: A single, integrated supplier solution eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors and mitigates the risks associated with sharing confidential data.

About Weichert Mobility Tax Services

WMTS provides relocation/expatriate tax preparation and advisory services that help companies and mobile employees navigate the most complex tax situations, relieving the stress that these employees often encounter preparing their taxes while strengthening corporate compliance and risk mitigation.

Best of all, WMTS’ services can be seamlessly integrated through Weichert Workforce Mobility, offering an efficient way to manage the mobility, tax, compensation and expense management components of employees’ international moves through a single, secure point of accountability.

Additionally, WMTS is an Independent Member of the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently-owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms. Through this Alliance, we are able to provide access to the resources and people of BDO USA, LLP and the international BDO network of independent member firms.

WMTS serves as the US tax compliance office for our clients as well as global coordination office and engagement owner with full accountability. In this role, we can seek the assistance of the international BDO network of independent member firms to handle non-US tax and advisory matters. Our streamlined end-to-end service delivery model includes providing tax services in country without off-shoring.

With this important Alliance relationship, we are focused on helping clients:

  • Achieve global tax compliance
  • Advance your global business and workforce strategies through execution
  • Participate in and improve your assignee’s satisfaction with his or her transfer
  • Quantify and contain the costs of your employer’s mobility program
  • Stay educated on regulatory, technical and economic developments that may affect your business
  • Identify on-going cost-saving opportunities